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12th Mar 2010, 1:49 AM


Production Delay


Alas!  We'll not be getting the next episodes of "Ye Olde Lego-time Theatre" up on schedule for this weekend.  The camera's off with the rest of the family, and the old digital camera is missing its charger.  I had not banked the images I want, so I'll get on them as early as possible (Sunday, if I'm lucky).


- Lich Barrister

5th Jan 2010, 12:13 AM


Characters and all that

I'm not sure if or when there'll be time enough to do a cast of characters page (not that there's been hue and cry for one, but one can imagine the need).  Part of my reluctance is that I'm not quite sure who'll be the focal character yet, let alone who has voice enough to justify continuation.

The only ones that are close are Chazz and Carlos, the two liches (using a black and white skellie minifig, respectively).  It's odd that I'd have chosen to make the undead so appealling, as the general interest in the undead these days (zombie apocalypses, sparkly vampires, etc.) is kinda appalling, personally speaking.  The general voice for these two is akin to Waldorf and Statler from The Muppet Show - you know, the two old guys in the private seats who yell all the good insults.  This is likely why there's a balcony in the stage set.

The only other likely-to-last character is K.B., if only because he's just grown and dominated.  I might find that his voice is gone once I get back into the swing of things, which is fine - he has built up quite a stable of angry people...